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Kim's Kakery, Bakery & Café - Intellectual Property Policy

It is illegal to recreate a licensed, copyrighted, patented, and/or trademarked design, image, personality and/or object without the expressed written consent of the rights holder. The bottom line... if we got sued, the legal fees alone would put us out of business.

Kim's Kakery, Bakery and Café is unable to make cakes using licensed intellectual property unless we have received a written copyright release from the copyright owner no later than 14 days before the date needed for the cake. This includes sculpted or carved cakes, cakes made from shaped pans, cakes with team names or logos, and cakes with the likeness of licensed characters drawn, printed or piped on them.

If you simply must have a cake themed of intellectual property, we have two options:

Option 1: Contact the copyright owner to obtain a release for the one time use, in writing. This may take some time and can potentially be very expensive.

  • Send the release or have the release sent to with your order name in the header.

Option 2: Purchase a licensed cake design or figure and bring it into the shop. We will stock a limited number of the most popular items (Dora, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Spiderman and Batman), but are more than happy to put any item you bring into the bakery on your cake and decorate around it.

  • The item must be in original, unopened packaging to be placed on a food surface. We cannot make exceptions as this is a food safety violation.

When looking online for cake ideas, you will discover countless galleries from bakeries with beautiful licensed character cakes. Please understand that these cakes were either made with the copyright release which can potentially run in the thousands of dollars, made for display purposes only, or made without the copyright owners' consent (illegally).

So please don't ask us to break the law and put the bakery at risk. There are several extremely creative individuals working at Kim's Kakery, Bakery and Café. I'm positive we can come up with an original and legal way to decorate your cake.