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Kim's Kakery, Bakery & Café - terms of service

We require payment in full for all special orders. This is non-refundable and non-transferrable to another date should you cancel your order. We wish to provide you the best service possible and we only take as many orders as our team can accomplish per day. Your prepayment will secure your preferred pickup date and time and a hand-crafted, fresh, delicious product.

If you have a concern with freshness, flavor or quality after pickup, you must return the item, your receipt and a copy of your order (if applicable) within 24 hours to be considered for refund.

If our production team has questions about your custom order and/or need more input or clarity regarding your order before your pickup date and time and cannot reach you by your phone or alternate phone number you provided us, Kim's Kakery, Bakery & Cafe reserves the right to make executive decisions regarding design. Please leave a personal or mobile number with us so we can reach you. We will not attempt to contact you before 9:00 AM or after 9:00 PM EST on any telephone number you provide us.

Some of our products are very custom in nature and require a combination of sketches, diagrams, accompanying photos (either digital or printed), schematics, and/or color swatches with a detailed order form. At the time of an order placement, payment is due in full and you must accept the order as-is as outlined on the order form.  You are agreeing with payment that the order form at the time of payment is full and complete with the full scope of your order requirements. Changes to the order may not be possible after payment and only telephone or in-person communication is acceptable for changes for any reason at any time. No changes or orders will be taken and/or finalized via email or through social media platforms.

You or a representative sent on your behalf to pick up an ordered item will be shown the completed item prior to leaving the bakery. At this point of reveal you have the opportunity to assess the condition of your products in comparison to your order form at that time and may choose to address any issues at that time. Upon signing the order form release section, you or your representative releases the bakery from any issues related to design or damage once the cake has left the counter. If you or your representative does not sign the release on the order, your cake will not be released to you or your representative.

On the date and time of your pickup, your product will be ready and you or a representative may pick it up at any time after the hour you have requested at the time of your order until the bakery closes that day. Your order may not be complete until that time, please call ahead if you are planning to be early to verify that your order is complete or is going to be complete early. We want to take care of you, we may be able to push your custom order through earlier if you contact us in advance!

​By making payment on an order or product you are agreeing to the terms listed above and understand that no changes can be made beyond order finalization with payment. If you do not agree to the terms, please do not finalize your order with payment and please do not request our services.

Most of our custom products are held under refrigeration for transportation purposes. Our cakes are best enjoyed at room temperature for the optimal flavor experience; we suggest setting them up in the final display location two hours before serving them. If you move one of our custom cakes after it has returned to room temperature you may distort or crack the icing and decorations; it is best to set it up where it will be displayed and let it come to room temperature gradually. We strongly recommend an air-conditioned, 70 degree room for displaying our cakes. Hot and humid weather will cause our cakes to condense moisture on its surface; colors may run and components may melt which will ruin the aesthetics of your purchase.